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Spare Parts

Repair and supply of spare parts for machines has always been one of the most important concerns of manufacturers. Garma Electric Company as the official representative of ANDRITZ in Iran, while producing the required parts for machines, by importing various consumable parts such as die pellets and extruders, shafts, rollers, hammer mill blades, all electrical and electronic parts, etc. from China and Europe meets the needs of brands. The following is a brief description of some of these parts.

Dies are one of the most important and sensitive parts of pellet machines that are directly related to increasing quality and reducing costs. They are made in two forms, flat die and the ring die which is often used in animal feed factories. In fact, the most important consumable components of the pellet mills are dies and rollers, so it is an inevitable need to repair and replace them in old devices.
We import all kinds of Chinese and European dies according to your machine.

Rollers push the material out of the die and as mentioned, the roller with the die are the most important consumable products in pellet production machines, therefore, their safety play an effective role in the efficiency of the final product.
The rollers are designed in several different patterns to match the performance of the molds. These parts work in very harsh conditions. hence, it is necessary that the exact dimensions and hardening process have the highest standards.
Hammer mill blades:

Striking the material are done by these blades, thus they corrode over time; it shows their material and strength are very effective in the durability of the machine and of course the quality of the feed produced. Today, in the third generation of steels, the blades show good resistance and durability against abrasion.
Garma Electric is ready to provide blades in any size or shape, suitable for all hammer mill models.