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Garma Electric

Global Answer to Local Industry
  • Food Industries

    In addition to producing protein products from poultry, livestock and aquatic, processed products are one of the main ways to provide human food. Garma Electric Company gives advice as a technical consultant in the preparation and operation of machines in the food industry

  • Pet Food Processing

    Pets, like humans, need a complete set of nutrients for long and healthy life. One of the benefits of dry food for animals is high concentration of energy and the nutrients that are available to the animal in small volumes

  • Aqua Feed Processing

    Based on several research, it has been approved that most of the costs of industrial aquaculture, go back to their food. In fact, improving the quality of feed, plays an important role in reducing the cost of aquaculture and protein produced

  • Animal Feed Processing

    According to the Population growth in the world, the society's need for food, especially protein is increasing every day. Therefore, Livestock and poultry farming has become the main solution for preparing the required foodomers in all related matters

  • Spare Parts

    Repair and supply of spare parts for machines has always been one of the most important concerns of manufacturers. We producing the required parts for machines such as die pellets and extruders, shafts, rollers, hammer mill blades, all electrical and electronic parts, etc.

  • Tailor-Made

    Besides the standard services of most reliable companies, we provide a range of other more tailor-made services. Most of them are developed in conjunction with our clients to meet their specific needs.

  • Recycling Plants

    Today, beside the high volume of waste production and environmental concerns, the increasing demand and limited supply of primary resources in the field of production, has increased the importance of waste recycling

  • Agricultural Equipments

    The agricultural industry, as the main part of human food supply chain, has a special place in the field of production. Today, the agricultural products demand is growing and has led farmers and producers to mechanized agriculture

Garma Electric
Official Representative of
ANDRiTZ Feed & Biofuel in Iran
Garma Electric is honored to represent ANDRiTZ Feed & Biofuel in Iran market. Head quarter of this international company is based in Austria. ANDRiTZ is world leading supplier in 4 different areas and right now it has more than 25000 employees.
Garma Electric your experienced partner
With long time experience of working in field of technical and engineering consultancy, installation and after sale services of plants we have the ability to support you in your projects in best way possible. Garma Electric is ready to cooperate with you in different areas including commercial services such as transportation and clearance in customs as well as consultancy in domestic and international financing.